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We moved to Alaska in the summer of 2017 with the hopes of starting a sled dog kennel over the next several years. Little did we know that once we set the ball in motion, our hopes would turn into a reality much more quickly than we had envisioned. We acquired our first sled dog pups in October of 2017 and have grown to 25 total dogs as of October 2022. Our dogs are our family.  Each dog has a unique story and collectively, they have created part of our story as well.  Each member of the pack gets individual attention, couch time, and a lot of love and affection. Their health and safety are our number one concern and come before all else at the kennel. Healthy dogs are happy dogs. 

Our goals at Frozen Trident are evolving. When we started on our dog mushing journey, our primary goal was to compete in long distance mushing races. Over the past 4 winters, Jeff competed in several mid distance races including the Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race (200 mi), Copper Basin 300, Two Rivers 100, and Two Rivers 200.  While a 1,000 mile race is still a long-term goal of the kennel, we have found that we would like to explore other faucets of dog mushing and share our experiences with other people who also love dogs and seek adventure.

The journey to this point in our lives has been winding, unpredictable and a little scary at times but we wouldn't have it any other way. Pursuing a new dream can be daunting. Many let the fear of failure hold them back from going after what they really want in life. At Frozen Trident Kennel, we give fear the middle finger and learn from the trials we face each day to get us closer to the goals we set for ourselves as individuals, as a family and as a kennel. 

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