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About brock

Brock is what we consider to be the patriarch of Frozen Trident Kennel. He has sired 6 of our pups and is responsible for teaching us a thing or two about dog mushing. We bought Brock from Sebastien Schnuelle in 2018. He is an “OG” at FTK, as he was one of our first sled dogs. Brock was an established leader and had thousands of miles under his paws whenever he came into our lives. His confidence and intelligence were immediately apparent, and we quickly recognized that Brock was a very special dog. Up until this season, Brock was the primary leader at the kennel. He led the team in every race Jeff has ran since our kennel was born. As Brock enters into the 10th year of his life, he has stepped back from leading our main team and spends, most of his time holding down the couch and teaching our young leaders on the puppy team. 

LINEAGE/FAmily at ftk

We don’t know much about Brock’s pedigree other than he came from Lance Mackey’s kennel and is a prodigy of the well-known Zorro.

Brock sired 2 litters of puppies. The first in 2019 with a lovely athlete at Atao Kennel named Ophelia. We split the litter of 4 pups with Atao and kept the two pups now known as Maverick and Goose. In 2020, Brock sired another litter with our very own M. They had 4 pups known as the Muppet litter: Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal and Piggy.

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