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Mack, age 9, is another OG at FTK. He was also an acquisition from Sebastien in 2018. Mack is a serious dog who in his prime, was one of the hardest working dogs on the team. He is business on the line and straight couch potato at all other times. Mack retired 2 years ago when he showed a preference for the couch over going on runs. He is one of Atlas’s favorite dogs and tolerates a lot of hair pulling and being crawled on. He goes on nightly walk-abouts where he secures the perimeter of the kennel and we are pretty sure he also tends to a second wolf family he has hidden in the trails behind our house. (JK but maybe not..)


Mack was part of the “Pilot litter” born on the glacier in Juneau. His parents are Skunk and Grisman.


Family at FTK: Mack’s brother, Jason, is another retiree at the kennel and was part of the same litter. We also had their younger brother, Lobben, at FTK. He retired this year and now lives with the Baker family in PA.

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