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Senior Athlete

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ABout Dancer

Dancer, age 6, joined FTK in 2018. She was born at SP Kennel. She was a parting gift to Jeff after his season handling for Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore. Dancer is what we would consider an ideal sled dog. She has a bright spirit, beautiful coat, good appetite, and ENDLESS energy. It is not uncommon for Dancer to get back from a 50 mile training run and still run circles around her pen for a couple hours. With that being said, Dancer has brought a few challenges our way. Her and her beloved boyfriend, Clyde, have bred not once but TWICE without our consent. Fortunately, they made some spectacular puppies that we are so excited about. We kept 3 puppies from their first litter and 1 from the second litter. The rest of the puppies were rehomed to pet homes and 2 went to a fellow musher that we love and trust. While Dancer is a spectacular mom, she was very excited to get back into training this winter. She jumped back into the line-up without a hitch.

Lineage/Family at FTK

Lineage: Dancer’s mom is the beloved Quito from SP Kennel, father is Kosak from Joar Ulsom’s kennel.

Family at FTK: Dancer has 4 of her babies at FTK: Dasher, Donner, Vixen and Trinket

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