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Senior Athlete


ABout Blitz

Blitz, age 6, joined FTK in 2018 from a neighboring kennel, Ryno Kennel. Blitz is a thicc boi who has the softest, most luscious coat on the team. He is one of the bigger dogs on our team and catches the eye because he is one of our few orange/ginger coated dogs.  Blitz is an all-around ideal sled dog. He is a hard-charger on the line and has the sweetest demeanor. He is submissive and shies away from confrontation which makes him able to run anywhere on the team, from lead to wheel, next to nearly any other teammate.


Lineage: Blitz comes from Ryno Kennel. His parents are Reef (Dallas Seavey) and Perm (Mackey) 

Family at FTK: Blitz does not have any direct family at FTK 

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