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Junior Athlete


About johnny

Jonathan, aka Johnny, age 3, is part of the beloved JTT trio. Johnny and his brothers, Taylor and Thomas, joined our kennel as puppies in the fall of 2019. Jeri was pregnant with Atlas at the time and these boys could sense her mother instinct from day 1. While Johnny loves and respects his master, Jeff, he is obsessed with Jeri. Anytime he is in the house, he is sitting directly on her lap or being the “little spoon” while snuggling on the couch or in bed. He (and his brother Taylor) do not understand personal boundaries and cannot get close enough when it comes to snuggle time. Johnny is one of our strongest and hardest workers at FTK. He is what we consider a “core team member.” He usually runs next to his brother Taylor (aka Tate) who looks like his twin. He has an incredible appetite and thick coat. Couldn’t ask for a better combination in a sled dog!

Lineage/ Family at FTK

Lineage: Johnny was part of the "Bush Pilot litter" from Hey Moose! Kennel. Parents are Buck and Tock


Family at FTK: Johnny’s has 2 brothers at the kennel, Taylor (Tate) and Thomas (Tommy)

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