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Yearling Athlete


About trinket

Trinket is the newest member to the FTK team. She was born on August 17th, 2021, part of Dancer’s second (unplanned) litter. Originally we had planned on finding homes for all of the pups from this litter but Trinket stuck around and has nestled her way into our hearts. We are still learning Trink’s –isms but so far our favorite thing about her is her silly smile. She was initially quite timid and skiddish but over time she has come out of her shell and has shown us she has a wild side and is very playful. We are looking forward to watching her potential in harness unfold this season.

Lineage/Family at ftk

Lineage: Parents are FTK’s Dancer and Clyde.

Family at FTK: As above. Her older brothers and sister are Dasher, Donner and Vixen

trinket 2.jpg
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