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Junior Athlete


About Taylor

Taylor, aka Tate, age 3, is part of the JTT trio. Tate and his brothers, Johnny and Tommy, joined our kennel in the fall of 2019 as an 8 week old puppy. Tate instantly bonded with Jeri and remains quite possessive and obsessed with her. He likes to sit on her lap and breath heavily into her face anytime he is in the house. Tate has an excellent appetite, thick coat and intense drive. He is part of the “core team” and often is found beside his brother Johnny on the line. Tate does everything wholeheartedly- from showing his affection to running on the team, he does not leave anything on the table.

Lineage/family at ftk

Linage: Tate was part of the “Bush Pilot litter” from Hey Moose! Kennel. His parents are Buck and Tock

Family at FTK: Tate has 2 brothers at the kennel, Johnny and Tommy.

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