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Junior Athlete


About goose

Goose, age 2, is a puppy zipped up into an 80lb dog suit. Goose's disregard for his massive size is endearing at times and quite frightening at others (i.e. when he jumps onto your lap like a toy poodle.) While Goose is still finding his stride on the line, he has shown tremendous growth since last year. In his yearling year, Goose got sick early in the season and he got behind in miles. This cut him from the race training team prematurely and when he got back into training, he was pulling inconsistently. We weren't sure if this was due to immaturity, recovering from illness or just being a little lazy on the line. Fast forward to this year and this fine specimen has done a 180. He has been filling his old man's (Brock) booties, and running in lead from time to time. When he is not in lead, he usually runs in swing and has been keeping a tight line for the entirety of the training runs. His confidence is growing and in time, we envision Goose spending more and more time out front.  

Lineage/Family at ftk

Lineage: Brock x Ophelia (Atao Kennel)


Family at FTK: Goose's brother is Maverick. He has 4 half siblings at FTK -Animal, Fozzie, Gonzo and Piggy.

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