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Junior Athlete


About dANI

Dani, age 2, is the last pup from the Nurse litter at FTK. Dani had 4 sisters at FTK (Lisa, Lauralee, Cindy and Joanna) who were all rehomed to pet homes due to their teenie size and affinity for the pet life. This litter is very near and dear to our hearts. For starters- they were born 1 week after Atlas. When Atlas was just 3 weeks old, he became very ill and spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital fighting for his life. When we were victoriously released from the hospital, we knew we wanted to honor the nurses who helped save our baby's life. Each pup from the litter bears the name of a nurse who stood by our sides on the darkest days of our lives. Dani has become a core member of the FTK team. He is one of the strongest, most reliable and enthusiastic dogs on the team.  He reminds us of his father, Ozzy (FTK retiree) on a daily basis- from his little 2-step dance when he sees the food bucket, to him nuzzling behind your back during couch time and to his impeccable drive. Dani isn't just special to us because of his namesake but also because he carries the legacy of his father. 


Lineage: M x Ozzy (FTK retiree)

Family at FTK: Dani was part of the nurse litter. His sisters were rehomed to pet homes after last season. His mom, M, is still at FTK

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