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Freshman Athlete


About Gonzo

Gonzo, age 1, is part of the Muppet litter. It is always funny to see if dogs grow into the names you pick as a puppy and this litter did not disappoint. Gonzo is fun-loving and fly-by- the seat of his pants, much like his namesake. Gonzo marches to the beat of his own drum and often seeks excitement over the rewards for being patient. He is incredibly handsome and is big for a yearling, weighing in around 70lbs. Gonzo  has been running with the puppy team, learning the basic manners of dog mushing and building strength and endurance. He often runs next to his roommate and brother, Fozzie who is his BFF and eternal playmate. 

lineage/family at FTK

Lineage: Brock x M

Family at FTK: The whole damn fam is at FTK, mom (M), dad (Brock), and siblings Animal, Fozzie and Piggy. Half siblings include Maverick and Goose (both sired by Brock) and Dani (both damed by M). 

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