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Freshman Athlete



Animal, age 1, is part of the Muppet litter and has truly come to embody the character he was named after. Animal is wild and loses his mind when he sees the harness. His energy is contagious and it is impossible to not smile when you are in his presence. Animal has been training with his siblings on the puppy team and has taken his turn up front, leading the pack with his puppy-training dad, Brock. He definitely showed us that he has the confidence it takes to lead the team. 


Lineage: Brock x M

Family at FTK: The whole damn fam is at FTK, mom (M), dad (Brock), and siblings Gonzo, Fozzie and Piggy. Half siblings include Maverick and Goose (both sired by Brock) and Dani (both damed by M). 

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