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Freshman Athlete


About piggy

Piggy, age 1, is the diva of the Muppet litter. True to her name, she demands your attention and adoration. She is a bit more patient than the character she is named after and will sit by your feet and wait for praise while her wild brothers chase each other around. Piggy likes to stay close to her masters on puppy walks and during playtime so she can maximize the amount of pets and attention she can get (much like her dad, Brock). She is still finding her confidence on the line but has been showing tremendous growth on each run with the puppy team.

lineage/family at ftk

Lineage: Brock x M

Family at FTK: The whole damn fam is at FTK, mom (M), dad (Brock), and siblings Gonzo, Fozzie and Animal. Half siblings include Maverick and Goose (both sired by Brock) and Dani (both damed by M). 

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