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Freshman Athlete

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About dasher

Dasher, age 1, could not be more appropriately named. Dasher is part of the Reindeer litter and is a chip off the 'ol block as they say. We have 2 dogs that jump our 6 foot fences at FTK: Dasher and his dad Clyde. Thankfully, Dasher and his dad make a bee line for the front door of our house as opposed to going for a tour de Two Rivers. Dasher reminds us so much of a young Clyde with his athleticism and happy go lucky attitude. He is currently training with the puppy team- going on short runs with his yearling teammates, learning mushing manners while slowly building strength and endurance.

lineage/family at ftk

Lineage: Parents are FTK’s Dancer and Clyde.

Family at FTK: As above. His brothers and sister are Donner and Vixen and younger sister is Trinket. Bonnie and Buttercup are aunties of the Reindeer litter.

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