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Freshman Athlete

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about donner

Donner, age 1, is part of the Reindeer litter. Donner stole our heart from day 1 with his unique coloring. While the rest of his siblings inherited their parents tricoloring, Donner took on the coloring of his Aunt Bonnie. Donner is a giant, silly puppy that loves picking on his sister Vixen, giving Atlas lots of kisses and competing with his brother Dasher to see who can run faster. Donner has been running on the puppy team with his siblings and the muppets where he is learning mushing manners while slowly building his strength and endurance. 

lineage/Family at ftk

Lineage: Parents are FTK’s Dancer and Clyde.

Family at FTK: As above. His brothers and sister are Dasher and Vixen and younger sister is Trinket. Bonnie and Buttercup are aunties of the Reindeer litter.

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