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Freshman Athlete

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about vixen

Vixen, age 1, is part of the Reindeer litter. Vixen and her siblings were an unplanned litter but after we accepted the fact that our kennel was going to be growing by a few doggos, we decided that we would keep the males from the litter and rehome the females (more females--> more risk of unplanned litters). Once the puppies arrived, Jeri became obsessed with the plump female that was delivered last. She had the cutest caramel colored mask markings and had a ravenous appetite. By the time the pups were ready to go off to new homes, Vixen had nestled her way into our hearts and we decided to keep her and rehome one of the males instead. Vixen continues to have an excellent appetite, attitude and aptitude. She is a clever girl that isn't afraid to stand up to her brothers (who love to pick on her). Vixen has been going on runs with the puppy team, learning the basic manners while slowly building strength and endurance.

lineage/family at ftk

Lineage: Parents are FTK’s Dancer and Clyde.

Family at FTK: As above. Her brothers are Dasher and Donner and younger sister is Trinket. Bonnie and Buttercup are aunties of the Reindeer litter.

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