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About jason

Jason, age 9, acquired from Sebastien in 2018, is another OG. He has been with the kennel from the start, and although we originally planned on finding a new retirement home for this guy, he has planted himself firmly on our couch in Two Rivers. Jason still holds the title for the best appetite at the kennel, his eating habits resembling an aggressive game of Hungry Hungry Hippo. Jason still runs with the puppy team to keep him in good shape, but his favorite thing to do is spoon with his humans on the couch. If there is an inch of space on the couch, he will somehow find room for his 65lbs of love to squeeze into that space.

lineage/family at ftk

Jason was part of the “Pilot litter” born on the glacier in Juneau. His parents are Skunk and Grisman


Family at FTK: Jason’s brother Mack is another retiree at the kennel and was part of the same litter. We also had their younger brother, Lobben, born from same parents but a year later at FTK. He retired this year and now lives with the Baker family in PA.

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