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The dog who started it all. It all began when Jeri became obsessed with a low content wolf dog named Loki that she followed on Instagram. She decided to look into his breeders, curious as to whether she could possibly ever have her own Loki-dog. Through some internet sleuthing she tracked down his origins. The breeders just so happened to have a fresh litter of puppies. Jeri became relentless in her efforts to get one of these balls of floof. Eventually she wore down Jeff and her landlord (who had a strict no pet policy) and the pup was shipped across the country to join us in upstate NY. Eleanor came into our lives in April of 2017, just as Jeff made his transition out of the military and in the final months of Jeri earning her Master’s degree. We were trying to decide whether to return to our familiar and comfortable life in Virginia Beach or go on a new adventure, to the far North, the last frontier, Alaska. It became obvious very quickly that Eleanor preferred rolling on the last few piles of snow rather than basking in the sun. You could say she was the proverbial “last nail in the coffin” that pushed us out of our comfort zone and to the life we now know. Although Eleanor was never a “working” dog and therefor not technically a “retiree,” her life has been akin to our other retirees. Short runs with the puppy team, lots of couch time and sleeping inside every night. She is a sweet and sassy gal that is convinced that anyone who comes onto the FTK compound is here primarily to see her majesty, and in most cases, she isn’t wrong.


Eleanor is mostly siberian husky with a dash of timberwolf. Her parents are Taz and Ace. She does not have any family at FTK but considers all puppies to be her puppies. 

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