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Ball fetcher



Stella is a 3 year old sled dog who didn’t quite get the memo that she is a sled dog. She is adorably awkward, Jeri’s “special” girl and LOVES to play fetch. Stella has been in training the past 2 seasons but had difficulty keeping weight once the miles stacked up. Somewhere around the time the team would hit 30 mile runs, Stella would stop eating and it would take weeks for her to gain her appetite back. She has had comprehensive lab work ups, physical exams, medication trials and MANY dietary accommodations but ultimately we decided that being an athlete wasn’t in the best interest of this sweet girl. This year, we decided to let her go on some fun runs (less than 20 miles) but early on, she sustained an injury to her hind leg. This sealed Stella’s fate as being a “pet” dog (at least for this season) and moving into the big house. While Stella might not make the most ideal sled dog, she has nestled herself so firmly in our hearts that we plan on keeping her at the kennel as part of our “retiree” pack.


Stella's dad is Kurtis from Nick Petite's kennel (Raptor x Beamer) and mom is Atigun (Brazil x Bailey) from Ketil Reitan's kennel. She isn't closely related to any other FTK athlete but does have some mutual relatives a few generations back. 

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