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Senior Athlete


About m

M joined FTK in the spring of 2018. She spent the previous winter at SP Kennel where she ran the Iditarod with Alan Moore’s team. Jeff had the opportunity to help train M during that season and grew to appreciate M’s grit and grind. At the end of the season, we had the opportunity to buy M from SP kennel and we said yes without hesitation. M has been a very solid sled dog for our team. She just flat out never quits. She usually runs in the wheel position with her brother Stuart. M and Stuart are similar in that they love to run and they love to snuggle but they do not love other sled dogs up in their business. For this reason, M (and Stu) usually don’t mix well with the younger, more rambunctious athletes and prefer to get their attention 1 on 1 when they come inside. M has had 2 litters of puppies since joining our pack and has shown to be a fantastic mother. Although this will likely be her last year in harness, we are happy that her genetics are deeply embedded in this kennels future.  

LINeage/family at ftk

M is the daughter of Stone (Judy Currier’s Kennel) and Nacho (SP Kennel). Nacho is the prodigee of Venus and Zorro (Mackey kennel). Stone is the prodigee of Hooch (Currier) and Solomon (Little)


Family at FTK: M and Stuart are siblings from the same litter. In 2019, M delivered the Nurse litter: Lisa, Cindy, Lauralee, Joanna and Dani. We rehomed the females in the litter last year and decided to keep Dani, the only male. In 2020 she delivered the Muppet’s: Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal and Piggy.

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