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Junior Athlete


about buttercup

If you have been to FTK, you know this petite lady at a glance. Buttercup, age 5, is a fan favorite and already has a catalog of people hoping she will chose them as her retirement home someday. Bcups is one of our main leaders and an absolute lunatic when it is time to go on a run. She learned how to lead from Brock, who instilled his confidence in her over the past couple of years. To know Buttercup “off the line,” you would never suspect that she would be a leader. She is a bit timid, very sensitive and most surprisingly, she is itty-bitty! Buttercup is our smallest mature dog but packs a punch. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in enthusiasm. She is a very consistent and reliable sled dog with a sweet demeanor that melts even the coldest of hearts. Buttercup isn’t a dog that most would qualify as the most attractive on the team but her personality makes her steal anyone’s heart that has the opportunity to meet her.

lineage/family at ftk

Buttercup comes from Ken Anderson’s kennel. Her parents are Top and Hannah.


Family at FTK: Buttercup has 2 siblings at FTK, Clyde and Bonnie (same parents, 1 year younger). Buttercup has 2 nephews and 1 niece at the kennel: Dasher, Donner, and Vixen

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