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Junior Athlete


ABOUT clyde

Clyde, age 4, (and his sister Bonnie) were our very first sled dogs. We bought them from a Fairbanks musher, Ken Anderson, just a few months after we moved to AK, when they were 4 months old. They lived as pets with Eleanor and went to work with Jeff when he worked at SP Kennel as a handler. Clyde and Bonnie’s first mush was pulling Jeri in a blue plastic sled from Walmart. Clyde has risen through the ranks over the past 4 winters and has replaced Brock as FTK’s primary leader. He has the perfect balance of confidence and humility that not only makes him a great leader but also just a damn good boy. Clyde is incredibly athletic and can easily jump over the 6 foot fence panels that are supposed to contain him. He chooses to stay in his pen with his sister most of the time, unless the team is hooking up, at which point he takes it upon himself to let himself out and run to the front of the team to be put in harness. There is something that is sentimental about Clyde leading our team. We got him when he was just a pup and we were brand new to the sport of mushing. We had no idea what his potential would be. To see him lead our team down the trails gives us all the feels. We cannot wait to see his potential this year.

lineage/family at ftk

Clyde comes from Ken Anderson’s kennel. His parents are Top and Hannah.


Family at FTK: Clyde has 2 sisters at FTK. His sister Bonnie is from the same litter. His other sister is Buttercup and is 1 year older (same parents) than Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde has sired 2 litters (not exactly with our permission). In Dec 2020 Dancer delivered the first litter of 7 pups. We kept 3 pups from this litter (the Reindeer litter): Dasher, Donner and Vixen. We rehomed the remaining 4 pups to pet homes. In 2021, Dancer and Clyde took another roll in the straw and produced 7 more pups. We have rehomed all but 1 pup from that litter.

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