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Junior Athlete


about bonnie

Bonnie, age 4, (and her brother Clyde), were our very first sled dogs. They taught us that a good husky is a tired husky. Jeff would take Bonnie and Clyde to SP kennel to try to wear them out while he worked but Bonnie and Clyde would still come home and be full of energy, bouncing off of the furniture and tearing squeakers out of any toy that dared to make a peep. It wasn’t until Bonnie and Clyde got into harness that we realized how we could truly tucker these guys out. Although Bonnie had the excitement for mushing early on, it took her a little longer than her brother to mature into a good sled dog. The past 2 years she has showed tremendous growth and can often be found at the front of the pack, leading the team alongside her brother. Bonnie is always banging in her harness ready to get the show on the road during hook up. Once on the trail, she keeps a tight line and her enthusiasm is incessant. She is a determined, intelligent and extremely affectionate dog and we can’t wait to see her continue to evolve into full potential.

lineage/family at ftk

Bonnie comes from Ken Anderson’s kennel. Her parents are Top and Hannah.


Family at FTK: Bonnie has 2 siblings at FTK, Clyde (brother/littermate) and Buttercup (same parents, 1 year older). Bonnie has 2 nephews and 1 niece at the kennel: Dasher, Donner, and Vixen

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