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Dog Sponsorships


What is a dog sponsorship?


Sponsorships are crucial to the success of our kennel. From dog food, to race gear, to race fees, running a kennel takes a tremendous amount of support. One way to help the Frozen Trident team get to the finish line is through individual dog sponsorships. Each dog is available for sponsorship from September to April. Your contribution helps provide that dog with everything it needs to be a happy, healthy dog throughout the race season.  Individual dog sponsorships are $500. Each dog will have one sponsor per year. Sponsorships are on a first come, first serve basis. If you sponsor a dog this year, you will have priority in sponsoring them again next year, if you choose to do so. 

If you would like to help support our kennel but are not interested in doing an individual dog sponsorship, send us a message on our contact page. When you sponsor a dog, you are becoming part of our pack!

Items purchased with sponsorship funds include:

Dog food

Dog snacks (beef, fish, chicken skins)




Booties (lots and lots of booties)


Dog jackets/blankets

Sled repairs/parts

Race sled

Dog kennels

Dog houses/repairs

Vet bills/ Vaccines/ Medication

Race entry fees

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