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The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack: TeamMember


Position: Leader

Age: 7

Nicknames: Brocky Balboa, Brockbuster

Sponsor: Veterans Advocacy Services

Brock is one of the main leaders at Frozen Trident and carries himself accordingly. Not only is he one of the smartest dogs that we have ever met, he is also one of the most powerful too. Don't let his size and intense look fool you, when Brock isn't running down the trails he prefers to be inside laying on your lap.



Position: Leader

Age: 5

Nicknames: O-face, Oz Ball

Sponsor: Eagle Industries

Ozzy is a ball of energy who is all about having fun. He especially enjoys when you talk to him in a Sharon Osbourne voice. Ozzy is a  fast and tough dog who often finds himself up front leading the pack. 



Position: Leader/Team

Age: 8

Nicknames: Jase, Jasey

Sponsor: Renee "Aunt Nay Nay" Noel

Jason is easy to pick out at the kennel because he's the only dog with one floppy ear and one pointy ear. He can run anywhere on the line and never backs down from a challenge. Jason does what ever is asked of him and has one of the best appetites at Frozen Trident.  



Position: Couch/retired

Age: 8

Nicknames: Mack Daddy, Burt Mack-lin FBI, Holy Mack-rel, Mack attack

Sponsor: Anita Baker and Mike Keith

Mack is bad to the bone! He is a very tough dog who is all business while in harness. Mack is a dog who you can always rely on to get the job done.



Position: Leader/Team

Age : 7

Nickname: Lobbie, Big Block Head

Sponsor: Summer Jeanette @SummerJeanette

Lobben is one of the most enthusiastic dogs at Frozen Trident. He loves to run and is always the first one jumping in his harness. Lobben thinks of himself as a lady's man. One of his favorite hobbies is trying to flirt with his female pack-mates. Unfortunately, he seems to always end up in the friend zone.



Postion: Team

Age: 3

Nicknames:  The Clyde-icles of Narnia, Mr. Freckles

Sponsor: Meredith Gottschalk and Levi Wolfe 

Last season Clyde kicked ass. He kept up with all the "older" dogs and spent a lot of time learning how to be a leader from Brock. 



Position: Team

Age: 3

Nicknames: Bon in 60 seconds (she ran away once), Bon-ald Schwarzenegger, Bon Jovi, Bon's Early Light

Sponsors: Arlette Donzey

Bonnie is a total sour patch kid. She is equal parts sweet and sass. She is the life of the party during happy hour and likes to stir the pot if she senses drama. She is also one of the snuggliest dogs in the yard.



Position: Team

Age: 4

Nickname: Butters, B-cups, Sundance

Sponsor: Emily "Iggy" Beck


Buttercup may be the smallest dog at Frozen Trident but what she lacks in size she makes up for in speed. B-cups is the fastest dog in the pack who always is the first dog to race into the house so she can get the best spot on the couch.  



Position: HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) / Cheerleader/ Puppy Trainer

Age: 3

Nicknames: Hell-eanor, Boopser

Sponsor: Strong Souls

Meet the husky that started it all. We didn't know when we got this special lady that we would be moving to Alaska and starting a sled dog kennel less than a year later. It became apparent very quickly that she belongs in a winter wonderland. Eleanor absolutely loves being a part of the pack and spends a lot of time training the younger generation of FTK athletes. Although Eleanor is primarily our pet dog, she enjoys pulling the sled from time to time as well. 



Position: Team/Lead

Age: 8

Nicknames: C-cups, Sea-biscuit, Sea-monster, Muscles

Sponsor: Shaun Henry

Sierra is built like a brick shithouse and isn't afraid to show off her muscle. She struts around the dog yard and lifts her leg to piss, showing all the males how its really done. Don't let Sierra's confidence and toughness fool you though, she's a sucker for belly rubs and butt scratches. 



Position: Team/ Lead

Age: 7

Nicknames: Batdog, Si, Silas but deadly, Miley Silas(he hates this one and will come at you like a wrecking ball if you call him that)

Sponsors: Jeff and Patty Reid


Silas is a bit of a lone wolf. During Happy Hour, you will see him trotting the perimeter of the yard and  paying no mind to his teammates as they sniff each others butts. He gives great hugs and howls louder than the rest of the yard when he sees the food bucket. 



Position: Team 

Age: 7

Nickname: Stewy

Sponsor: Jeffrey and Lexi Freeman @finefoodssoutheastfla

Stuart is one of the biggest members of the pack and also one of the loudest. He is undoubtably the strongest dog at FTK and an absolute asset to the team. He can have a bit of an attitude with the other males at FTK but he loves to charm the ladies. 



Position: Team

Age: 7

Nickname: Emmee, Amelia

Sponsor: Devin W. Wilber

M is one of the more timid dogs in our yard but once she gets to know you, she will cry until you give her some attention. She delivered 5 healthy puppies this summer but is ecstatic to be back on the line with the rest of the team!



Position: Team

Age: 5

Nickname: Dancypants, DDR,  Dance your face off

Sponsor: Shelia Mahala

Dancer is a strong  and tough pupper that never slows down. Dancer is the type of dog who gets back from a run and sprints around her dog house for two hours just to show off how bad ass she is. 



Position: sled dog in training

Age: 2

Nicknames: Stardust, Squish

Sponsor: PJ Ramsey

This will be Stella's first year running with the team. We are excited to see her potential pulling the sled. Stella's bestie is Eleanor and she is one of the only dogs Eleanor will snuggle with. 



Position: Team/ Lead

Age: 5

Nicknames: Blitzy, Blitz Titz

Sponsor: Laurel Alder Brenner

Blitz is a strong doggo who loves to run with the pack. Blitzy can run anywhere in the team from the wheel position to the leading the team. Blitz also has one of the softest coats in to Eleanor.



Position: sled dog in training

Age: 2

Nicknames: Johnny Straw bails, Jon 

Sponsor: Capt. Jody Hill & Cooper

This is Johnny's first year in training. He will be learning the basics of being a dog sled from our seasoned veterans. Johnny is tireless when he is playing with his brothers but a total snuggle bug when it comes to couch time.



Position: sled dog in training

Age: 2

Nicknames: Tator, Tate

Sponsor: Keith Burton


This is Tate's first year in training. He will be learning the basics of being a dog sled from our seasoned veterans. Tate loves nothing more than the approval of his masters. He has been very responsive to his training so far and we see leadership potential in Tate's future.



Position: sled dog in training

Age: 2

Nicknames: Tommy, Tommy Gun

Sponsor: Julian and Majella


This is Tommy's first year in training. He will be learning the basics of being a dog sled from our seasoned veterans. Tommy isn't afraid to go off the beaten path on puppy walks and is often leading the puppy pack during their back woods adventures. When Tommy comes inside for couch time, his favorite thing to do is lay on Eleanor's plush bed with bone. 


Position: Team

Age: 6

Nicknames: Deev, double D's

Sponsor: Phil Worthy 


Diva is the newest adult member at FTK and has made herself right at home. She has both Iditarod and Yukon Quest finishes under her belt yet remains one of the most humble dogs in the yard, getting along with anyone who cares to introduce themselves. We are very excited to add this special girl to our team. 



Position: Sled dog in training

Age: >1

Nicknames: Mav



Maverick, son of Brock, is a promising up and comer at FTK. While this winter he will mostly be leading the puppy walks with his brother, Goose, this spring he will have the chance to run with the team.


Position: Sled dog in training

Age: 1

Nicknames: Mav

Sponsor: Cortney Burkett


Maverick, son of Brock, is a promising up and comer at FTK. While this winter he will mostly be leading the puppy walks with his brother, Goose, this spring he will have the chance to run with the team.



Position: Sled dog in training

Age: 1

Nicknames: Goosey, the goose is loose

Sponsor: Jim and Susan Reid


Goose, son of Brock, is a promising up and comer at FTK. While this winter he will mostly be leading the puppy walks with his brother, Maverick, this spring he will have the chance to run with the team.


THe NUrse litter

Position: Sled dog in training

Age: >1

Sponsor: The Gottschalks


Dani, Joanna, Cindy, Lisa and Laurali are Frozen Trident's first litter of puppies from our own breeding between Ozzy and M. These puppies were born just over one week after our son, Atlas, was born. Atlas fell very ill just 3 weeks after is was born and fought for his life over a 2 week period in the PICU and pediatric unit in Anchorage. We were blown away by the amazing nurses that fought alongside Atlas. This litter was named in their honor. 


Jeri Reid

Position: Dog Momager, musher in training

Age: 29

Nicknames: Jerbear, crazy dog lady

Jeri, born and raised in Martinsburg, PA, attended college at the University of Pittsburgh, earning a bachelors degree in Biology. She then went on to earn her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from Clarkson University. She now works as an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant. 

IMG_3413 2.jpg

Jeff Reid

Position: Musher, dog dad


Nicknames: Snakes


At the age of 18, Jeff left his home town of Martinsburg, PA and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Shortly after finishing basic training, Jeff  went on to attend BUD/S, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training. He spent nine years in the Navy SEAL Teams until he ultimately decided he was ready for a new lifestyle. Jeff spent his first winter in Alaska handling for SP Kennel under the guidance of Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore. He completed his first 200 mile race (The Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race) with a team of SP dogs. The following Fall, Frozen Trident Kennel was born and Jeff began training his own team. Last Winter, the team competed in the Copper Basin 300 mile race and the Two Rivers 100 mile race. 

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